Lean and Six Sigma are two distinct methodologies that work together to drive business excellence. Lean implementation focuses on increasing speed, improving flow and eliminating waste while always focusing on adding value to the customer. Six Sigma uses statistical analysis to deliver a more consistent product, reducing variation. Combined together they place the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Value at the core of your business processes.

A consultancy engagement begins with a Discovery meeting where the background of Lean Six Sigma, its history, and its development are discussed. The benefits, challenges and successes are highlighted and we aim to understand some the issues they are current in your organisation.

The Consultancy phase begins with a Kick Off meeting with the owners / key managers, the Lean principles are introduced along with some of its tools. A review of the key issues takes place with a view to identify key projects the have cost reduction potential. The consultancy engagement is a two-way process and the organisation needs to bring awareness of issues and a commitment to action to the table. A schedule for the implementation is agreed along with the level of support needed from the company. Typical 1st engagements are 5 to 7 days with further engagements based on the extent and depth of the implementation.

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