Lean White Belt

If the world of Lean and Six Sigma is new to you or your organisation, our white belt training is the place to start. This training will provide an overview of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and make all participants’ quality and value aware. Participants will also play a vital role in Lean Six Sigma initiatives in the organisation and understand and welcome change.

This training course is suitable for:

Leaders and Managers who are considering a Lean and/or Six Sigma program and the benefits it can bring to their organisation

Leaders and manages who want to implement significant changes and learn more about productivity improvement, performance enhancement, and organizational change

Those seeking greater conceptual understanding of Lean and/or Six Sigma

Those that will take part in improvement initiatives.


  • History and Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer
  • DMAIC Processes (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)
  • The Lean Wastes: Observing and minimizing
  • Lean Six Sigma in my organisation

This training can be ½ day or 1 day in duration with the 1 day version having added focus on Lean Six Sigma implementation in the your organisation.

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