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Stuart has provided media training to senior politicians in the EU parliament and senior TV network executives. Additionally he has worked with C level executives on the planning & preparing of Key Messages, providing them with the techniques, tools and most importantly the confidence to deliver them.

Business strategy and communication go hand in hand: Create your vision or your message and ensure that everything you do or say brings you a step closer to its completion.

Presentation skills and dealing with the media also go hand in hand, it is about communicating a message. Our workshops are practical engagements where attendees are coached to succeed in these environments.

Presentation Skill topics include:

  • Pesentation road-map & signposting
  • Crafting Key messages
  • Flagging
  • Identifying with your audience
  • Delivery Style, verbal & non-verbal
  • Managing nerves

Media skills topics include:

  • Developing confidence talking to the media
  • Deliver clear and effective messages
  • Understand and engage with your audience
  • Techniques to deal with unexpected or challenging questions while staying on message.

These programs are tailor made to suit individual and organisational needs, contact us today to find out more.