As a Lean Black Belt, Business Coach and Trainer, Stuart provides consultancy services to businesses undertaking their Lean journey and assisting them through the change cycle. By placing himself at the coalface of your business Stuart develops an in-depth understanding of how your processes and your team often revealing surprising insights to management.

While Lean and Six Sigma were designed for manufacturing with creativity and an understanding of your business, it processes and your people, its tools and their vast benefits can be applied to your organisation.

"The solutions to your problems are within your business, we help you unlock them"

The idea of bringing in an external consultancy to fix problems is common. Our approach is to bring the principles and tools of Lean & Six Sigma to your organisation and assist you in gaining a clear understanding of where improvements can be made.

The expertise of your business lies within your business and we will work collaboratively with your team or projects. Or approach is to develop Lean Thinking and skills in your team and support and mentor them through the improvement initiatives.